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Location DSS: Dorothy Stinson School, Last Updated on 1/4/2018
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Dorothy Stinson School Makes the Grade

Dorothy Stinson School achieved a letter grade of "A" from the Arizona Department of Education. Grades are earned by each school based on their performance on the AZMERIT state mandated test that takes place in the Spring of each year. An "A" grade means a high number of students at Dorothy Stinson School scored in the proficient and highly proficient categories on the test. It also means that our students made substantial growth in their scores from the previous year.

Our teachers work hard each year to get the students to perform well on the test.
I believe the students stepped up and took the test more serious than they have in past years. Congratulations to our students, our teachers, you parents and our school for achieving an "A" letter grade.

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Parent help

Welcome back parents and students. As the new semester begins, I am asking your help early when it comes to the safety of our students. Please use the designated student drop off areas to drop off and pick up your child. IF you choose to park on the west side of 8th Avenue, we are telling our students to use the crosswalk to get to you. We would really appreciate it if you would help us by waiting for your child at the crosswalk instead of walking them through the 8th Avenue traffic.

Also, in the east parking lot, there are 2 lines for student drop off and pick up. If you stay in your cars and wait for your students, it is much quicker than if you park and walk to the fence to get your child. I'm sure you'll agree that the extra 2-3 minutes it may take your child to get to you is well worth their safety. Thanks with your on this matter.

Excessive Tardies and Absences

ABSENCES: When a student is absent from school the parent/guardian must contact the school in advance or at the time of any absence. Absences that are not reported by a parent/guardian within 48 HOURS will be counted as unexcused. Once you have 18 absences, the rest of the absences from that time on will be unexcused per/state law. Once the student has reached 18 absences, they will be excluded from end of year activities.

TARDIES: Tardies will only be considered excused for appointments or emergencies, when the parent/guardian comes in with the student. Once a student reaches 18 tardies, or the student has been checked out early 18 times, they will no longer be eligible to participate in end of the year activities.

January Stinsogram

The January Stinsogram newsletter is available as a download. Click on the Downloads link above and click on the January newsletter. Please take the opportunity to download the newsletter.
Mr. Moreno

Crisis Response Team Available

Click here to be redirected to the Safford Schools Crisis Response Team Site.
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