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John Nicholas

I joined the staff at Mt. Graham High School February 2008. I have experience working in the community Behavioral system in Arizona and New Mexico.

I received my bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology and minor in Sociology from Western New Mexico University (WNMU) in Silver City New Mexico in 2001. I received my Masters of Arts in counseling in 2003 from WNMU. I am certified in Choice Theory Reality Therapy (CTRT) founded by Dr. William Glasser. CTRT focuses on our basic needs being met: Love and Belonging, Survival, Power, Fun and Freedom. This theory also focuses on our total Behavior--how we are thinking, feeling emotionally and physically as well as what we are doing.

I feel we can learn a lot from the little engine that could. We need to remember to keep our thoughts positive, “I think I can, I think I can”. Think of how the little engine must of felt when he got to the top of the Mountain. Some possible thoughts and feelings could be feelings of accomplishment, knowing and remembering the accomplishment, and remembering the support of others.

Office hours are between 8 am and 3pm, Monday thru Friday. Feel free to drop-in or call 348-7063.

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"Life is a coin, you can spend it anyway you wish, but you can only spend it once."


Life shows ample preparation is the key to success.
Adam S. Bennion


Favorite Links and Downloads

"Wolverine Pride”

"PERSERVERANCE -The difficult is that which can be done immediately; the impossible, that which takes a little longer." - George Santayana

"Wolverine Pride”

"SUCCESS - To succeed it is necessary to accept the world as it is and rise above it". - Michael Korda


GIFT is now accepting applications for its programs. Programs are available you can check them out and apply now on line. "Don't miss your chance - GIFT pays for the college tution and books!" If you have any questions contact Jon Nicholas at 348-7060 ext. 6711.

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