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Technology Quick Links:Student Work Order Report
Student WO Dept:

Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6
Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6
Leaving SUSD or a Graduating Senior? What to do with your Google files.

Use these directions to help you change ownership of your files to someone else in SUSD, or to move your files out of Drive and into another storage option.

Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6

Image: Improving Communication for Nurses and Parents
Improving Communication for Nurses and Parents

Safford Unified School District is excited to announce all schools are participating in, a new communication tool for our parents and nurses. With this new tool, nurses can notify parents when their children visit the nurse’s office, and parents can provide the nurse with accurate student medical information. All information is stored securely and is HIPAA and FERPA compliant.

To start this process, WE NEED YOUR HELP! You received an email directly from with a personalized link to complete your child’s record. Please make time to complete the request. If you did not receive an email link, you can log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal and click on the CareDox link in the left-side menu. Or, you can also go to and select “Log In” then “Haven’t Signed Up? Register Here.” If you don’t have computer access, you can sign up by visiting your child’s school office.

The benefits of include:
--Streamlined medical information sharing between parent and nurse.
--Real-time notifications when your child visits the nurse's office.
--Accurate and portable vital information for daily and emergency use.
--Fill out your child's health profile ONCE, and update any changes each year, ensuring it is always up-to-date.
--Notifications when your child’s medicines dispensed at school are low and need refills.
--Peace of mind the school is fully aware of all of your child’s medical conditions.

Safford Unified School District's top priority is student safety and helps us ensure an efficient, streamlined means for coordinating the care of your child.

Image: Tech Mentors
Tech Mentors

We appreciate the following staff members who are serving as Tech Mentors for their campuses. They are available to help you utilize technology in the classroom.

School Name Extension
DSS Leslie Swapp ext. 1102
Madonna Kvale ext. 1603
LNS Eric Branch ext. 2015
Valerie Sanchez ext. 2037
RPS Kristina Ryan ext. 3025
Tiffany Taylor ext. 3017
SMS Jenifer Seale ext. 4209
Laura Oaks ext. 4207
SHS Chris Murphy ext. 5207
Kara Calloway ext. 5203
Bonnie Sipes ext. 5112
MGHS E.J. Romero ext. 6701

Image: Keep Your Account Secure on Shared Computers
Keep Your Account Secure on Shared Computers

If you sign into a device that is used by other people, follow these steps to keep your account secure:

Keep Your Account Secure

Image: Opening Filtered YouTube Videos for Students
Opening Filtered YouTube Videos for Students

We know keeping kids safe from inappropriate YouTube videos is always challenged with giving students enough access to educational YouTube videos.

Well, we finally have GREAT NEWS! Log into the website and under Technology Downloads YouTube, there is a link to a short slideshow which will demonstrate how YOU CAN EASILY APPROVE YouTube videos for students to view. This puts the power in the hands of the teachers and hopefully will open more doors for you to use YouTube appropriately with your students to enhance learning.

Image: Check out
Check out (NOT COM) is a visual search engine for kids based on Google's safe search.

How is designed specifically for kids?

1) Safe search: sites appearing in Kiddle search results satisfy family friendly requirements, as we filter sites with explicit or deceptive content. Please read more on kids safe search on Kiddle.

2) Kids-oriented results: Here is how Kiddle returns results for each query (in the order shown):
Safe sites and pages written specifically for kids. Handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors.
Typically, results 1-3.

Safe, trusted sites that are not written specifically for kids, but have content written in a simple way, easy for kids to understand. Handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors.
Typically, results 4-7.

Safe, famous sites that are written for adults, providing expert content, but are harder for kids to understand. Filtered by Google safe search.
Typically, results 8 onwards.

2) Big thumbnails: most Kiddle search results are illustrated with big thumbnails, which makes it easier to scan the results, differentiate between them, and click the most appropriate results to your query. Thumbnails serve as visual clues and are especially beneficial to kids as they don't read as fast as adults.

3) Large Arial font in Kiddle search results provides better readability for kids.

4) Privacy: we don't collect any personally identifiable information, and our logs are deleted every 24 hours. Please read our full privacy statement here.

Internet Safety for Teens Infographic

Internet Safety for Teens Infographic

Lunch Balance Notification Changes

This year we changed our lunch program from PowerLunch to MealTime to track lunch accounts. Both programs are tied to your PowerSchool Parent Portal, but many of you may be receiving zero lunch balance warnings from the old PowerLunch system which do not accurately reflect your new lunch balance in MealTime. You will need adjust these notifications by logging into your PowerSchool parent portal account.

Go to PowerSchool Parent Portal and log into your parent portal. Click on EMAIL NOTIFICATION and uncheck the box next to Balance Alert.

You can apply this to ALL of your students at once by clicking the box next to APPLY THESE SETTINGS TO ALL OF YOUR STUDENTS. Click SUBMIT to apply the changes.

To sign up to receive balance notifications in MealTime, our new system, from the PowerSchool parent portal, you can click on the MealTime link on the left side menu. Click on the link provided or click here Go to and either create a new profile or sign into your MealTime account. Once you are logged into MealTime Online, click on the Meal Account Deposits link. Click on PROFILE on the top of the screen and set up your email information to start receiving low balance notifications.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your school’s office.

Image: FREE, Online LIVE Tutoring Help!
FREE, Online LIVE Tutoring Help!

FREE, online LIVE tutoring chat for students and parent is available, thanks to the Graham County School Superintendent's office and the Safford Public Library. This is an AMAZING resource for our students and our parents. Not only does it connect you with a LIVE tutor (sometimes there is about a 5 minute wait time to be connected), but it also features some great instructional materials, worksheets and actual quizzes so students can practice skills and get immediate feedback. For example, 9th grade English resource provides comma help with great information to read and then interactive practice sentences. At the end, it provides a quiz to test your knowledge.

Connecting with a LIVE tutor provides excellent ideas via chat as well as step-by-step solutions and explanations. You can even upload your paper for proofreading! Wow! The LIVE chat takes you to a chalkboard-type environment where you and the tutor can draw or write, so helping with math problems is a synch.

Our county school office and Safford library is paying for this service for our students. Help is provided for K-12th grades, college introduction level, and adult learners. Students at every level can get help with homework, studying, projects, essay writing, and test prep in core subjects, including algebra, statistics, chemistry, physics, social studies, and English. Students can search by keyword and subject for worksheets, lessons, videos, and can find resources for specific subjects, standardized tests, and college entrance exams. has thousands of carefully screened tutors, all of whom are certified teachers, college professors, graduate students, select undergraduates from accredited universities and other professionals. Tutor and student work one-to-one in a secure online classroom.

Please try using this valuable tool. There is an icon to the service on the Technology website under Favorite Links / Homework Help. The password to use the resource is our zip code. Log into the site and scroll to the very bottom of the page and watch the short video demonstration. This really is a very useful resource for helping students be successful and a cool tool for all learners!

Image: Public Portals for Accessing Student Grade Information!
Public Portals for Accessing Student Grade Information!

PowerSchool Public Portals allow 4th through 12th grade students and parents to access student information regarding grades, attendance, and lunch account balance. Users may log in through the Internet, or parents may sign up to receive automated E-mail notifications regularly.

Students and parents will have SEPARATE ACCOUNTS and will need to contact the school office to request Access ID’s and passwords for EACH ACCOUNT. Once created, accounts continue to work each year with no additional verification needed.

Parents CREATE their own PARENT ACCOUNT where they can view and manage information for ALL of their SUSD students in one place! Parents must first CREATE AN ACCOUNT. Once they receive an Access ID and Password from the school office(s), they will be able to connect each student to their account using that Access ID. More than one Parent Account may also be set up to accommodate multiple guardians.

STUDENT Accounts and PARENT Accounts require DIFFERENT Access ID’s and Passwords. Both are available through the school offices.

Once account have been created, PARENTS and STUDENTS can reset their own passwords or retrieve log in information on their own by going to the Parent/Student Access Link on the webpage and clicking on “Having Trouble Logging In?”

If you need assistance, you can contact your school’s office to have a letter printed with your students Access ID and password, or for help with accessing an account.

A Guide to Using the Parent Portal, can be found at under

*****Grades in the portal reflect assignments currently recorded in teachers' grade books. Please allow adequate time for teachers to score and record assignments.

Image: Ten Social Media Commandments for Kids & Parents
Ten Social Media Commandments for Kids & Parents


Remember when we were kids and our parents sat us down to discuss the birds and the bees? (Yea, neither do I but we will talk about that later….) As parents we are told we should talk with our kids about difficult topics like alcohol, drugs, sex and pornography. Today’s generation has a new topic to add to the list. Social Media.

Since the launch of MySpace in 2003 – and subsequently Facebook in 2004 – social media has exploded and many parents are finding it hard to keep up. You may not be able to navigate Tumblr or understand what a hash tag is, but here are some helpful tips to remember when it comes to social media:

1. Talk to your kids about Social Media. Don’t hand your child an iPhone and tell them to “be careful with it”. If we don’t lay down the ground rules of what is acceptable and what is not, how are 13 year old boys supposed to know any better? TALK TO YOUR KIDS. Be frank and upfront. If they are old enough to have a social media account (or even be able to text), then they are old enough to understand the consequences of making a poor choice as it relates to social media.

2. Connect with your kids. If your kids are on social media, you should be too. And you should follow, like or connect with them so you can monitor what they are posting to ensure it is acceptable.

3. Be cautious of what your kids put on their profile. This sounds so obvious, right? You would be SHOCKED at how many of my friends kids I follow on various social media platforms that post their FULL name, the school they attend AND their age in their PROFILE.

4. Use the control settings! All social media platforms have some sort of privacy settings, and they are there for a reason. Understand how they work and use them to help control who your child connects with. Parents can also utilize them for restricting who can view profile information.

5. Be aware of how much information you are giving away. Posting pictures of yourself on ANY platform can give individuals information on where you live, who your friends are or what time of day you are home alone. It’s fun to post pictures of yourself, but be aware of who might be able to see them BESIDES your Instagram friends.

6. DO NOT TOLERATE BULLYING. Notice I didn’t say “Don’t bully”, because that’s sort of an obvious statement for a variety of reasons. But you should also NOT TOLERATE bullying. If you see anyone threatening, harassing or trying to embarrass ANYONE, report it to a parent, teacher or trusted adult immediately.

7. Don’t post pictures you might regret. Again, sounds obvious – but it’s not just about posting pictures of yourself, don’t REPOST pictures from others that are inappropriate, abusive or grotesque. If you wouldn’t want your grandma to see it, then don’t post it.

8. Don’t forget common sense. Consideration of others and compassion seem to be lacking these days. Don’t post pics all over your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account of a great sleepover you had, knowing others who see those pics weren’t invited and will have their feelings hurt.

9. If you post it, they will find it. Along the lines of No. 6 above, remember that EVERYTHING you put online is, well, online. FOREVER. No amount of SnapChat is going to save you from embarrassing messages or pics you thought were deleted forever.

10. NEVER click on pop-up ads. (My mom needs to remember this rule too! ) If you’re using a computer to access social media, don’t click on pop ups or links that offer something for nothing. (Bill Gates is NOT giving away $5,000 if you click his link, nor is “Apple” giving away iPad minis. If it’s too good to be true, IT IS.)

These are main points to keep in mind. Do you have any tips for parents that you implemented in your household?

The original post, “10 Social Media Commandments for Kids & Parents” by Stephanie Bice was originally published on,

Original Article

Image: PowerSchool Mobile Apps  for Parents and Students Now Available!
PowerSchool Mobile Apps for Parents and Students Now Available!

Mobile District Code XWQG

PowerSchool is now portable! Two new apps are now available in the Apple iTunes® App Store: PowerSchool for Parents and PowerSchool for Students.

These new apps will allow parents and students to access all the same information they would normally access from a browser, but with the ease and convenience of an app installed on their Apple mobile device.

Facebook and Twitter integration, automatic login, a family overview, simplified "one-thumb" browsing, and other features make accessing PowerSchool on the go faster and easier than ever before.

The apps are FREE and available for download from the iTunes store. Version 1.0 of the apps will be supported on any Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad running iOS version 4.0 or higher.

Click here to download the PowerSchool Parent app. Click here to download the PowerSchool Student app.

After downloading the app you will can either search for our district by district name or school name or you can enter the four-character district code below.
Mobile District Code - XWQG

After the app recognizes the district information, you will enter your username and password to authenticate with PowerSchool.

Image: Poll Everywhere - Who Needs Clickers!!!
Poll Everywhere - Who Needs Clickers!!!

Real time assessment is a vital component in teaching. Poll Everywhere ( is a service that allows groups of individuals to vote within user-generated polls using a mobile phone’s text messaging capability** or a simple web form.

To learn more about this service, click on the link below to access a handout from NovemberLearning.

You might also watch the video that is available on TeacherTube and YouTube for a brief introduction to Poll Everywhere.

Click here to be redirected to the link mentioned above.

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