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Location SHS: SHS FBLA, Last Updated on 6/13/2013
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Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6
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New Members

Hey Safford FBLA! Get ready because we are going to ROCK YOUR SOCKS!!! We have a ton of fun events scheduled for this year such as concessions, Adopt-A-Highways, State and Regional conferences. FBLA is a great way to get involved with school, learn leadership development skills, communication skills, earn awards, travel, and make so many new friends!  So get out there, have fun and make new friends.

(P.S.)The more active you are as a member, the more fun you will have this yearso get off the couch and get involved!!!


Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6

FBLA Program of Activities

Check out our new Safford FBLA Program of Activities - also known as Ms. Barlow's "Brag Book"!

Click on the DOWNLOADS button above to find the Program of Activities and open it to find past winners information, FBLA scholarship recipients, National Conference attendees and winners, FBLA history, etc.

Don’t Miss Out on FBLA Activities this Year…

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