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Image: GIFT Application Open to Apply Now!
GIFT Application Open to Apply Now!

The GIFT applications are now open for the 2018-19 school year. Apply online as soon as you can to ensure your spot in that program.

1. Go to
2. Click to Apply
3. Apply online
4. Create a user name and password for the GIFT site
5. Fill out application for the program you want to be in
6. When completed – print
7. Have parents sign
8. Bring into me so Ms. Wack can add/sign off for all the counselors
9. I will email it to the GIFT office to have a backup of all your

*Note – if students have not taken the EAC Placement Tests (Accuplacer) they need to see me to sign up for a date.

If students have not tested yet: I have posted the web link (Accuplacer Study Guide) under favor links. Study that before testing to help your scores.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Image: Why SHS Students Should Take CTE Courses…
Why SHS Students Should Take CTE Courses…


·          99% of SHS students enrolled in a CTE program for two or more years Met or Exceeded the Reading portion of AIMS in 2012.


·          97% of SHS students enrolled in a CTE program for two or more years Met or Exceeded the Math portion of AIMS in 2012.


·          14 million students participate in secondary and postsecondary CTE programs each year.


·          A ratio of one CTE class for every two academic classes minimizes the risk of students dropping out of high school.


·          A person with a CTE-related associate degree or credential will earn an average of at least $4,000 more a year than a person with a humanities associate degree—and those with credentials in high-demand fields such as healthcare can average almost $20,000 more a year.


·          99% of students involved in CTE in Arizona in high school will graduate, compared to the national average of 76% non-CTE students


·          55% of those that graduate will go on to attend college


·          43.7% that graduate high school will earn an industry certificate

Image: College Campus Tour - University of Arizona!
College Campus Tour - University of Arizona!

10th Graders - GEAR UP is planning a College Campus Tour to the UofA on Friday February 16th. If you are interested pick up a permission slip from Ms. Wack in the GEAR UP room 107.

Image: Guest Presenter: Marc Mero -
Guest Presenter: Marc Mero - "Champion of Choice"


Marc Mero’s “Time is Now!” Presented at Safford High School and addressed the issues of bullying, suicide prevention, substance abuse, goal setting, dreaming big, making positive choices and achieving your highest potential. A former WWC and WWE Wrestling Champion, Marc has an extraordinary ability to connect with students and people of all ages and walks of life.

We want to thank Kathy Grimes and Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition in conjunction with EAC GEAR UP sponsored Marc to come in and delivered his powerful message. Safford High School appreciates the opportunity to help our students learn, love, and heal.

Mr. Alba

Mr. Alba teaches our Life Skills program. He is also the SHS Varsity football coach.

Mrs. Blancarte

Mrs. Blancarte teaches inclusion English 9, English 10, and Study Skills. She is co-chairperson of the Special Ed Department.

Mrs. Jenifer Blancarte

Mrs. Blancarte teaches freshman and sophomore level special education English classes as well as English inclusion classes.

Mrs. Joy Baysinger


Image: Mrs. Jurado
Mrs. Jurado

Mrs. Jurado teaches Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish 3& 4, and Spanish 101 & 102.

Welcome To Bulldog Boulevard Preschool And Child Care

Bulldog Boulevard Preschool & Childcare has been established to enhance experience, education, and training in life and career skills within the field of early childhood education and future parenting. Within Bulldog Boulevard, we strive to create an environment where children, students, and staff are able to be safe, happy, healthy, and productive.

Image: Free ACT / SAT Practice Program
Free ACT / SAT Practice Program

Safford High School is trying out the Method Test Prep program. MTP is an online ACT / SAT prep program and this year it is a free trial to all Safford HS.

This is a great opportunity for your child to have a practice site which comes with ACT / SAT test assessments in addition to many practice lessons with video and scripted explanations of each question. Attached is the link information for your students to set up an account and start practicing for the ACT /SAT assessments. See Mrs. Leitzke's email to get your students code for activation or refer to the hand out I gave them in English classes. If you have any issue feel free to contact me.

All 10th graders will be taking the ACT Aspire in November, students will have several weeks of practice to prepare for the official practice test from ACT. Please encourage your student to take advantage of this opportunity.

Click here to be redirected to the link mentioned above.

Mr. Robert Davis

Algebra I

Mrs. Ward

Mrs. Ward teaches Spanish I and Spanish II.

Ms. Broderick

Ms. Broderick teaches inclusion Geometry, Algebra I, Principles of Algebra/Geometry, Basic Math, and Study Skills. She is also the JV Volleyball Coach and a senior class sponsor.

Concert Etiquette

We enjoy our audiences attending our programs very much. As teachers, however we have found that sometimes we all need a reminder about how to act at plays or concerts. These events are similar to final exams for your student and we want the event to be a positive experience for audience and performer. We also want to show the groups that we bring in from time to time that we in Safford know how to appreciate the Fine Arts. These guidelines are taken from the Music Educators National Conference website.

The Ten Rules of Concert Etiquette:

1) Refrain from talking.
2) Refrain from unwrapping noisy candy wrappers during the performance.
3) Turn off pagers, cell phones and watch alarms.
4) Do not wave to your children during the concert.
5) Do not take flash photography. This is extremely distracting to the performers on stage.
6) Do not walk down aisles with your video camera.
7) Do not leave as soon as your child's portion of the concert is over. All of our students deserve a full audience for their performances.
8) Applaud at appropriate times.
9) Do not enter / exit the performance area during the music. Wait for the music to stop before moving, unless you have a screaming child.
10) Go to the concert expecting the best. These students have worked hard to give you their best.

Lighten Up! in the new CFA

The new Center For the Arts (CFA) will be the venue for SUSD's all-choir concert, "Lighten Up!". Come see over 200 singers perform in our new facility, and be inspired by the singing of the SHS Choirs: SHS Singers, Bel Canto, and the historic Taste of Sound!!!

May 3rd at 7:00 p.m.

Mrs. Hagerman

Mrs. Hagerman teaches inclusion English 11, English 12, Study Skills, and Life Skills. She is co-chairperson of the department.

Ms. Janice Smith

Transitions of Algebra and Geometry
Algebra II
Algebra III

Ms. Monica Hagerman

Ms. Hagerman teaches junior and senior level special education English classes as well as English inclusion classes.

Image: Graham County Substance Abuse Awareness Conference
Graham County Substance Abuse Awareness Conference

Great job to the GEAR UP Leadership Team on their Social Media Presentation at the Graham County Substance Abuse Awareness Conference. The team created and present a Social Media presentation to over 100 students grades 8-12. Thank you to Kathy Grimes for inviting GEAR UP - Safford to be a part of the conference and the opportunity for our students to present on an important social issue.

Mission Statement

Bulldog Boulevard Preschool & Childcare has been established to enhance experience, education, and training in life and career skills within the field of early childhood education and future parenting. Within Bulldog Boulevard, we strive to create an environment where children, students, and staff are able to be safe, happy, healthy, and productive

Choir Concert Information

Call time (arrival time) for ALL performers is 1 hour before the concert starts.

All choir concerts require an admission fee similar to attending a Basketball or Football Game, and are a token price for the performance the students put on. All ticket sales go toward fulfilling the needs of the ensembles.
Ticket Prices are as follows:
Students $2
Adults $3
Families $6
Children under 5 (Free)

Image: Education and Entertainment
Education and Entertainment

The Center for the Arts was built to serve the greater good of the school and the community. We are committed to the importance of the arts having a place in the lives of all people. We seek to provide opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn about and experience the arts. Our mission is to provide quality performing and visual arts programs that reflect the needs of a diverse community; and to raise funds to support programs and future needs of the Center for the Arts.

Mr. Chris Murphy

Mr. Murphy joined the Safford High School staff at the start of the 2012-2013 school year. He teaches sophomore, junior and college prep junior classes.

Mr. Eric Johnston

Algebra A
Algebra I

Mr. Keith Osmond

Mr. Osmond has been teaching at SHS since 2007-2008. He teaches freshman and junior level English classes.

Welcome Students!

A few important things to know to be successful in the P.E. Department!
1. Dress out daily- tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirt are necessary.
2. Bring a water bottle to class on hot days- stay hydrated!
3. Lock your locker- keep track of belonings and locks must be school issued and returned at the end of the school year.
4. Have a positive attitude- Play hard! Play Fair! Play Safe!


This event at Eastern Arizona College is for family's to help understand the college process and find money for students to go to college. See flyer for event under downloads above.

Image: Safford High School Receives Grant From Arizona Science Foundation
Safford High School Receives Grant From Arizona Science Foundation

Safford High School is excited to announce that it was recently awarded a grant in the amount of $48,942 dollars from the Science Foundation of Arizona. Funding for the grant was provided with funds from the Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation to the SFAz. SHS was one of ten rural schools out of fifty applicants to receive an award as part of SFAz’s Rural and Remote Initiative. Schools in rural communities were encouraged to submit a request for proposal to fund much needed technology upgrades for science and computer lab equipment and programs. The grant proposal was written and submitted by Susan Lindsey, Technology Administrator and Evelyn Hallford, science teacher at SHS. “We wanted to create something that had the potential to change the sciences at SHS for our students but never imagined we would be the top proposal in the state. We just wanted to try and see what would happen. SHS will create and design a hands on approach with the $48,942 grant to study various sciences that will ultimately get students interested and excited about science. The school is also incorporating STEM in topics like Physics, Biology, Environmental Science and Conservation through project based learning.

Image: Safford HS – Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs Offered
Safford HS – Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs Offered




·          Accounting knowledge such as:  Profit/Loss of a business, reports, daily transactions, checkbooks and banking procedures


·          Hands-on experience through simulations and QuickBooks


·          The average salary for an Accountant in 2010 was $61,690*


·          There were approximately 1,216,900* Accountants in the United States in 2010


* Occupational Outlook Handbook Dec. 7, 2012





FFA is an integral part of Agriscience and is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.


According to FFA New Horizons magazine, 87% of our students are interested in learning about career exploration and 81% about college preparation.





·          Gain knowledge and experience in automotive techniques and skills


·          Hands-on experience


o    Small Engines

o    Welding

o    Shocks, Struts, Alignment, Brake Pads, and Brake Shoes



Business Operations


·          Dual Operating Systems—Windows and Mac


·          Intermediate to Advanced Computer Applications

o        Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher

o        Internet, Web 2.0 apps,

o        iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto


·          Expand business knowledge:  Ethics, Management, Communications, Finance, etc.


·          Engage in work-based learning projects such as:  school newsletter, senior slideshow, frolic tickets



Culinary Arts


·          Variety of learning/teaching styles


·          Hands-on operation of a dining room for staff and students


·          Banquet preparation for special events


·          Bake and decorate a wide variety of desserts



Early Childhood Education


·          Explore the development of preschool-aged children


·          Become prepared for the future role as care-takers and parents


·          Apply child development theories


·          Interact with children in the Bulldog Boulevard Preschool


Department Members Are

Mr. Dorrell
Mr. Cocke
Mr. Powell
Mr. Jacobson

Dr. Brian Taylor

Dr. Taylor joined our staff for the 2011-2012 school year. He currently teaches freshman and sophomore level English classes.

Meet our Department

Mr. Herman BB Andrews- Boy's Weights, Varsity Weights, Advanced P.E.
Mr. Robert Abalos- Boy's P.E./Health, Advanced P.E.
Ms. Melanie Allen- Project Adventure, Dance, Girl's Weights, Advanced P.E., Varsity Weights, Boy's Weights, Sports Conditioning
Mrs. Karen Cornelius- Girl's P.E./Health, Sports Conditioning
Mrs. Jody Judd- Dance, Advanced Dance

Mr. Chris Swank

Transitions of Algebra and Geometry
Algebra II

Mrs. Donaldson

Mrs. Donaldson has joined our SHS staff in 2014 as the teacher for our ED classroom.

Mrs. Lisa Wood

Mrs. Wood was our librarian for several years before returning to the classroom in the 2010-2011 school year. She teaches freshman and senior level classes.

Ms. Chastity Broderick

Algebra A
Algebra I
Consumer Math

Image: Other CFA Websites
Other CFA Websites

View Facebook Profile

Remind Texting

Parents to recieve EAC GEAR UP text messages through the Remind Texting service go to "downloads" and follow directions provided.

Transition Services

Transition services are provided through the Transition from School to Work program (TSW) and operates under an interagency agreement with RSA (Rehabilitative Services Agency).
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