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Location SHS: SHS Physical Education Department, Last Updated on 5/21/2013
Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6
Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6
Welcome to Bulldog Physical Education!

Weights, Wellness, Advanced PE, and Beginning PE/Health

Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6

Welcome Students!

A few important things to know to be successful in the P.E. Department!
1. Dress out daily- tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirt are necessary.
2. Bring a water bottle to class on hot days- stay hydrated!
3. Lock your locker- keep track of belonings and locks must be school issued and returned at the end of the school year.
4. Have a positive attitude- Play hard! Play Fair! Play Safe!

Meet our Department

Mr. Herman BB Andrews- Boy's Weights, Varsity Weights, Advanced P.E.
Mr. Robert Abalos- Boy's P.E./Health, Advanced P.E.
Ms. Melanie Allen- Project Adventure, Dance, Girl's Weights, Advanced P.E., Varsity Weights, Boy's Weights, Sports Conditioning
Mrs. Karen Cornelius- Girl's P.E./Health, Sports Conditioning
Mrs. Jody Judd- Dance, Advanced Dance

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