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Location SHS: SHS Music Department, Last Updated on 3/21/2007
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Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6
Safford Unified School District Music Department Mission Statement

SUSD Music Department works cooperatively as a unified group and with fellow educators to enrich students' lives through music. We promote active participation in music throughout students' lives by providing them with the musical tools needed to develop in and benefit from music.

These tools include, but are not limited to:
1) Growth experiences from multiple positive performances
2) Understanding of musical notation and theory
3) Realization of music's effect in our lives through active listening
and awareness of musical styles and influences in other disciplines.

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Concert Etiquette

We enjoy our audiences attending our programs very much. As teachers, however we have found that sometimes we all need a reminder about how to act at plays or concerts. These events are similar to final exams for your student and we want the event to be a positive experience for audience and performer. We also want to show the groups that we bring in from time to time that we in Safford know how to appreciate the Fine Arts. These guidelines are taken from the Music Educators National Conference website.

The Ten Rules of Concert Etiquette:

1) Refrain from talking.
2) Refrain from unwrapping noisy candy wrappers during the performance.
3) Turn off pagers, cell phones and watch alarms.
4) Do not wave to your children during the concert.
5) Do not take flash photography. This is extremely distracting to the performers on stage.
6) Do not walk down aisles with your video camera.
7) Do not leave as soon as your child's portion of the concert is over. All of our students deserve a full audience for their performances.
8) Applaud at appropriate times.
9) Do not enter / exit the performance area during the music. Wait for the music to stop before moving, unless you have a screaming child.
10) Go to the concert expecting the best. These students have worked hard to give you their best.

Lighten Up! in the new CFA

The new Center For the Arts (CFA) will be the venue for SUSD's all-choir concert, "Lighten Up!". Come see over 200 singers perform in our new facility, and be inspired by the singing of the SHS Choirs: SHS Singers, Bel Canto, and the historic Taste of Sound!!!

May 3rd at 7:00 p.m.

Choir Concert Information

Call time (arrival time) for ALL performers is 1 hour before the concert starts.

All choir concerts require an admission fee similar to attending a Basketball or Football Game, and are a token price for the performance the students put on. All ticket sales go toward fulfilling the needs of the ensembles.
Ticket Prices are as follows:
Students $2
Adults $3
Families $6
Children under 5 (Free)

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