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Image: As We Begin The Second Quarter...
As We Begin The Second Quarter...

Dear parents and family of Safford Middle School,

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of the first quarter of school. So much has been taking place. We are very proud of our teachers and students for the excellence that they continue to demonstrate.

This year we continue with our “Live Blue” motto. We refer to blue as a symbol of courage and strength. We were moved and touched as we observed examples of courage from teachers, students and families throughout the year. Hopefully by now, you have heard this term coming from your students as they come home and talk about their experiences.

Live Blue is our middle school motto for our PBIS (positive behavior support and intervention) program. This is a school wide effort to raise the bar on our students, while recognizing those who are meeting those expectations.

Two of the things that you have probably heard the most about are the “Daily Drawing” and “MASH”.

The Daily Drawing is just what the name says. Every day, a student’s name is drawn. If that student has met the minimum criteria of being on time, present, doing their work, is respectful and has no discipline, then that student wins the daily drawing. The winner’s name is called over the intercom at the end of the day to recognize them for a job well done, and he or she is called to the office and awarded $5. If the student who is drawn did not meet expectations, administration announces that the person drawn (without saying a name) did not meet expectations and the $5 carries over to the next day, making the next drawing worth $10, and so forth. This has created a buzz around the school with our students and has encouraged all students to strive to do well every day.

MASH stands for Mandatory After School Work. If a student does not complete their assignment, or if it does not meet minimum expectations (those are set by the school at a minimum, and then teachers have some of their own as well), a student must remain after school to complete their task. By and large, this has had a very positive affect on our students. Failing grades are significantly lower in comparison to this time last year. We are hopeful that with all of the additional academic practice our students are now getting, they will be more prepared academically, and will also feel a true sense of accomplishment as they complete tasks that are assigned to them.

As with all issue, there have been some growing pains. We essentially have taken away the option of taking a zero on an assignment, which is no longer motivating our students to perform. For this reason, some students have experienced some difficulty as we are fostering an opportunity to change, which is always challenging. We hope to continue to work with parents so that their children can continue to become stronger individuals. We acknowledge that this has impactied families as well and applaud those parents who are supporting Safford Middle School in this endeavor. We encourage any parents who would like further clarification to contact us in the office for assistance.

Live Blue!

Clay Emery


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