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Documents For Your Use...

  Title   Description
SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT Safford High School Improvement Plan for 2015-2018 school years. Safford High School Improvement Plan.docx
File Size: 0.21 MB

  Title   Description
Student Records Release Former Safford High School students may request a transcript by clicking on the link on the right and completing the form. Form can be faxed to 928-348-7057 or sent by e-mail to or during summer months e-mail to STUDENT RECORDS RELEASE FORM.docx
File Size: 17 KB

  Activity Request  
  Title   Description
Activity Request Class and club sponsors will use this form to request school activities for the next school year. Please fill out and also make Ms. Wack an owner of the document to then share in Google drive. See Ms. Wack for questions. ACTIVITY REQUESTS .docx
File Size: 17 KB

  Enrollment Forms  
  Title   Description
Proof of Residency Form As required by Arizona State Law, this document must be completed and returned along with a copy of proof of residency as designated on the form before students will be enrolled in school. 3/10/12 AZ_Residency_Form.pdf
File Size: 0.10 MB
NEW STUDENT Enrollment Forms CLICK HERE for Enrollment Forms which may be completed for students new to SUSD and brought into the office to register. The Microsoft WORD copy can be fill it out electronically before printing it or you can use the PDF copy. 6/2/16 File Not Uploaded
Request for School Records Request for School Records School_Release_of_Records.docx
File Size: 40 KB
Proof of Residency Affidavit As required by Arizona State Law, proof of residency must be on file for each student enrolled in school. This form may be used for students who share a residence belonging to someone other than their parent or gardian. 3/10/12 State of Arizona Affidavit of Shared Residence.pdf
File Size: 92 KB
Federal Definitions of Ethnicity and Race This document provides explanation of the Federal Government's Ethnicity and Race categories as well as answers some commonly asked questions. Federal Ethnicity and Race Definitions.pdf
File Size: 0.11 MB

  Title   Description
Permission Form The Formal Dance Permisson form must be filled out by every student attending formal dances at SHS. Click on form on right. Formal_Dress_Code_Permission_Form_.doc
File Size: 36 KB

  Title   Description
FORMAL DRESS CODE Attached are examples and guidelines of what you may and may not wear to formal dances at Safford High School. CLICK HERE NEWFormal_Dress_Code.pdf
File Size: 7.08 MB

  Title   Description
APRIL 2013 School Profile Click on the link to the right to view Safford High School's most recent NCA School Profile. April 2013 School Profile.pdf
File Size: 0.45 MB

  New Club Request  
  Title   Description
Request for New Club Paperwork to fill out if it can be demonstrated that the need exists for a new club. Request for New Club.pdf
File Size: 80 KB
Constitution Requirements Each organization on campus is required to have a current constitution on file with the Assistant Principal. This document provides an outline for writing or updating a constitution. Constitution Requirements.pdf
File Size: 93 KB

  SHS Campus Maps  
  Title   Description
SHS Campus Maps Maps of SHS buildings. SHS Campus Map 2011_12.pdf
File Size: 0.55 MB

  Title   Description
Bell Schedule Safford High School Bell Schedules. To print a copy click on the link to the right. Bell Schedule 2015-2016 without break.pdf
File Size: 0.35 MB
SHS Newsletters You can view Safford High School's most recent parent newsletter by clicking on the link to your right. January February 2016.pdf
File Size: 1.17 MB

  SHS School Calendar 2017-2018  
  Title   Description
Safford High School School Calendar 2017-2018 This is the SHS School Calendar 2017-2018 that lists the RRE and regularly scheduled Friday's as well as other important dates. SHS Calendar 2017-2018.pdf
File Size: 0.33 MB

  Six Traits Condensed Writing Guide  
  Title   Description
Six Traits Descriptors This document summarizes how to get a six in all six areas scored using the Six Traits of Writing Rubric. Make sure writing meets these descriptors before it gets turned in or published. 6TRAITSR.doc
File Size: 34 KB
Six Traits Condensed Writing Guide This document can help parents and students assess student writing before it gets turned in. Nice reference to help you revise! condensed rubric.doc
File Size: 39 KB

  Six Traits of Writing Grade Conversion  
  Title   Description
Six Traits of Writing Grade Conversion All writing at SHS is graded using the Six Traits rubric. Each trait is scored as 0 through 6, as per the descriptors in the rubric. Six traits Writing Grade Changes 06[1].doc
File Size: 20 KB

  Six Traits of Writing PowerPoint  
  Title   Description
Six Traits of Writing Scoring Rubric Six Traits of Writing Six Traits of Writing For Website.ppt
File Size: 0.23 MB

  Student Handbook  
  Title   Description
Student Handbook The student handbook is available electronically and is updated for the 2017-2018 school year. Student HandbookFile Not Uploaded

  Student Handbook Recent Changes  
  Title   Description
Things to Know for 2015-2016 Quick Guide from the Student Handbook of - "Important things to know for the 2015-16 school year that covers several of the issues SHS deals with most. Students were provided this and staff reviewed with them, it was then sent home for parents. Things_to_Know_for_2014-15 (1).docx
File Size: 27 KB

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