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Documents For Your Use...

  2013 Tennis Season Schedule  
  Title   Description
Tennis Schedule Not available at this time, but will be posted as soon as AIA confirms the schedule.File Not Uploaded

  A WINTER MINI CHEER CAMP!--Feb. 4, 2017!  
  Title   Description
Mini Cheer Camp Informational Flyer This is the REGISTRATION FORM and informational flyer for our MINI CAMP which will be held at the SHS Gym. Please print and return the registration/insurance info form which is the second page of this document. Mini Camp Flyer Feb. 4, 2017 (1).doc
File Size: 1.16 MB

  All Tryout Forms for SPIRITLINE  
  Title   Description
ALL PARENTS/CANDIDATES MUST READ--Parent/Candidate Informational PowerPoint Please view this and fill out verification form indicating agreement and understanding, which is located on the Welcome Letter (page 1 of SPIRITLINE TRYOUT DOCUMENTS) under DOWNLOADS on the Spiritline webpage. TRYOUT_POWERPOINTFOR_1617 REVISED.pptx
File Size: 0.53 MB
SHS Spirit Line Tryout Requirements and Procedures This 6 page packet contains all SHS Spiritline tryout forms except for the physical. Each page needs to be filled out completely and returned to Mrs. Wood ASAP. FINAL DEADLINE for all forms is 3/22/15 at 3:14pm. SPIRITLINE_TRYOUT_DOCUMENTS__2016_2017 (2).docx
File Size: 67 KB
Physical Packet/Athletic Clearance Forms You must have a current physical on file with the athletic trainer at SHS before you can attend clinic and try out. 2016-17 Athletic Physical Packet.pdf
File Size: 0.69 MB
Academic Reference Questionnaire for Current Teachers Academic Reference Questionnaire for Current Teachers (YOU NEED FIVE OF THESE!) One is included as the last page of the tryout packet. Academic_Reference_Questionnaire2016_2017.doc
File Size: 38 KB

  Athletic Clearance Packet  
  Title   Description
SHS By-Laws SHS By-Laws SHS_Athletic_By-Laws.docx
File Size: 18 KB

  Title   Description
Athletic By-Laws By-Laws ATHLETIC_BY-LAWS.pdf
File Size: 80 KB
Packet Physical Forms Packet Physical_forms_Packet_2010.pdf
File Size: 0.20 MB

  Game Schedule  
  Title   Description
Up to date Game Schedule Directly from Mr. Burnside's desk. Most current/up-to-date schedules for Girls Basketball. Girls Basketball Schedule 03-04.doc
File Size: 24 KB

  Practice Schedules  
  Title   Description
Practice Schedules December Practice Schedule PRACTICE SCHEDULE 12-01-03--1-03-04.doc
File Size: 38 KB

  Safford Softball Field  
  Title   Description
Safford Softball Field Sky view of the softball field. Varsity Softball Field.tif
File Size: 4.61 MB

  SB Rules  
  Title   Description
SUSD Athletic By-Laws Athlete's Coade of Conduct. Athletic Department By-Laws 03-04.doc
File Size: 30 KB

  Title   Description
Summer Schedule Football Summer Schedule Football Summer Schedule.pdf
File Size: 36 KB

  Season Ticket Information 2017-2018  
  Title   Description
Season Ticket Information 2017-2018 Season Ticket Information 2017-2018 SEASON TICKET INFORMATION 2017-2018.doc.pdf
File Size: 60 KB

  Sponsor Letter  
  Title   Description
Sponsor Letter Each team member needs to obtain seven sponsors for the 2016-2017 season! 16_17_Spiritline_Sponsor_Letter.docx
File Size: 0.84 MB

  Team Building Activities  
  Title   Description
Dead Ant Tag & TP Schuffle Bulldog Team Building Activities Dead ant tag-tp shuffle.tif
File Size: 32.29 MB
Helium Hula Hoop Bulldog Team Building Activities Helium Hula Hoop.tif
File Size: 7.38 MB
Knight Hood Bulldog Team Building Activities Knight Hood.tif
File Size: 14.75 MB
Mine Field Bulldog Team Building Activities Minefield.tif
File Size: 28.60 MB
Pathways Bulldog Team Building Activities Pathways.tif
File Size: 5.54 MB

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