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Location SHS: SHS Library, Last Updated on 11/4/2017

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Community Information
  • S.H.S. Library Goals
  • Student policies
  • Behavior Expectations
  • Library Computer Use

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    Policies for the use of Library Computers
    Students must go to the circulation desk and check-out the computers to their names, just as if the computers were books. When finished, students need to remember to check-in the computer they were using. This applies to all computer use in the library throughout the day.

    Games of any kind may only be played before school, at lunch, and after school. This is district policy. No games may be downloaded.

    ✓ The ONLY program that students can use for e-mail is CoxEdNet. The correct URL for this is: The studentís user name is their student #, the subscription ID is saffordhs, and the password is the studentís birthday.

    ✓ Their CoxEdNet e-mail address is

    ✓ Students may NOT download MP3 files.

    ✓ Students may NOT go into Chat Rooms of any kind. This includes anything in programs like Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger.

    ✓ Students may NOT use school computers to create and/or post personal web sites.

    ✓ Use priority: During free times, those students with homework assignments to work on have priority over those students who are just surfing or playing games. The librarian will ask for volunteers to relinquish a computer. If none step forward, somone will be chosen.

    ✓ Currently we have discouraged use of on-line radio stations/real player during times when students are supposed to be working. Speakers should be turned off unless the student has headphones. We tried providing headphones and they were mistreated. We did not feel it worth our time to provide headphones on a check-out basis.

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