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Mr. Sammy Diaz
Athletic Trainer
Room: SHS_SportsLockerRm
Phone: 928-348-7050 ext. 5742
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Documents For Your Use...

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  2015-16 Physical Examination Packet  
  Title   Description
2015-16 2015-16 Pre-Participation Physical Examination Packet SHS 2015-16 Physical Packet.pdf
File Size: 0.72 MB

  About Athletic Training  
  Title   Description
Policies and Procedures Athletic Training policies & procedures. Athletic Training Policies HANDBOOK_2012.docx
File Size: 74 KB
Parent Handbook Information about the athletic training center, rules & policies. Parent_handbook.pdf
File Size: 0.62 MB

  Title   Description
Registration Instructions Instructions to register on the Axon website in order to complete the Baseline concussion testing. Axon registration instructions.docx
File Size: 13 KB
Concussions in Sports Slideshow about concussions, symptoms, and cognitive testing. Concussion.ppsx
File Size: 13.12 MB

  Injury Guidelines  
  Title   Description
Athletes Fact Sheet Concussion information for athletes Athletes Fact Sheet.pdf
File Size: 54 KB
Coaches Fact Sheet Concussion information for coaches Coaches Fact Sheetl.pdf
File Size: 0.21 MB
Concussion Home Instructions Concussion Home Instructions Concussion Home Instructions.docx
File Size: 13 KB
Parents Fact Sheet Concussion information for parents Parents Fact Sheet.pdf
File Size: 60 KB
Shin Splints What are shin splints? Shin Splints.docx
File Size: 13 KB
Sports Injury Guidelines Sports Injury Guidelines Sports Injury Guidelines2.docx
File Size: 41 KB

  Title   Description
Alcohol and Athlete Performance Fact sheet on the effects of alcohol and athletics. Alcohol and Athlete Performance.pdf
File Size: 1.02 MB
Basketball Nutrition Recommendations for nutrition in basketball players Basketball Nutrition.pdf
File Size: 82 KB
Creatine Supplements Information on creatine use. creatine.pdf
File Size: 49 KB
Eating Before Exercise Fact Sheet for meals before exercise. Eating Before Exercise.pdf
File Size: 1.18 MB
Eating During Exercise Fact Sheet for foods & fluids during exercise. Eating During Exercise.pdf
File Size: 0.96 MB
Eating for Recovery Fact sheet on recovery fluids and meals. Eating for Recovery.pdf
File Size: 0.98 MB
Eating on the Road Fact sheet on foods while traveling. Eating on the Road.pdf
File Size: 1.07 MB
Exercise Hydration Fact sheet on fluids with exercise. Exercise Hydration.pdf
File Size: 1.01 MB
Female Athlete Triad Fact sheet on female athlete triad. Female Athlete Triad.pdf
File Size: 3.79 MB
Gaining Weight - Building Muscle Fact sheet on building muscle. Gaining Weight Building Muscle.pdf
File Size: 1.21 MB
First class Fuels Recommendations to fuel athletes' training. Nutrition.pdf
File Size: 82 KB

  Prevention & Safety  
  Title   Description
AIA Heat Acclimatization Policy Heat Acclimatization and exertional heat illness management. AIA_Heat_Acclimatization__Exertional_Heat_Illness_Management_Policy_UPDATED_by_LT_1338329253.pdf
File Size: 71 KB
Guide to Heat Illness Football Coaches' guide for heat and hydration. FB Guide to Heat.pdf
File Size: 45 KB
Heat Illness Prevention Tips Tips to Beat the Heat. Heat Illness Prevention Tips.pdf
File Size: 0.55 MB
Lightning Safety Lightning safety for outdoor activities. Lightning Safety.docx
File Size: 12 KB

  Return to Play forms  
  Title   Description
Concussion Release Form After a concussion, before return to play is granted this form must be signed and cleared with a physician and parents. Concussion Release Form.pdf
File Size: 0.24 MB
Injury Return to Play form Use the form to take to the doctor for illness or injury which prohibits you from competition. Form must be signed and cleared by a doctor and parents before returning to play. Injury RTP Form.pdf
File Size: 0.34 MB

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