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Ms. Melanie Allen
Physical Education Teacher
Room: SHS_GirlsLockerRm
Phone: 928-348-7050 ext. 5744
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Unpublished at teacher's request Office Hours: Mon-Thurs--9:40-10:35 Fri--8:00-12:00 Email me for an appointment!

Documents For Your Use...

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  Adventure Programming Permission Slip  
  Title   Description
Adventure Programming Permission Slip This paper needs to be signed before your student can be on the ropes course. Adventure Programming Permission Slip.doc
File Size: 59 KB

  AF Element Papers  
  Title   Description
The Cat Walk A description of the element. A guide to help in faciliation. Cat Walk.docx
File Size: 18 KB
Climbing Tower A worksheet to help the students facilitate the Climbing Tower. Climbing Tower.docx
File Size: 18 KB
High Woosey This paper will help the student with their facilitation of the High Wobbley Woosey. High Woozy.docx
File Size: 18 KB
Islands in the Sky An overall description of the element that needs to be completed by the creative minds of the students. Islands in the Sky.docx
File Size: 17 KB
Moby Deck A worksheet to help with facilitation of the Moby Deck low element. Moby Deck.docx
File Size: 19 KB
Nitro Crossing/Multi-Swing A description of the element. A guide to help in faciliation. MultiSwing Nitro Crossing.docx
File Size: 19 KB
Multivine Traverse A worksheet to help the students facilitate the Multivine Traverse. Multivine Traverse.docx
File Size: 17 KB
Pamper Pole-Plank A worksheet to help in the facilitation of the Pamper Pole-Plank. Pamper Pole-Plank.docx
File Size: 20 KB
Swingshot This paper is helpful for students in learning how to set up and facilitate the Swingshot. Swingshot.docx
File Size: 20 KB
The Wall A worksheet to help the student organize their facilitation. The Wall.docx
File Size: 19 KB
TP Shuffle A description of the element that the student may use to aid their facilitation. TP Shuffle.docx
File Size: 18 KB
Two Line Bridge A worksheet to help the students faciliatate the Two Line Bridge. Two Line Bridge.docx
File Size: 17 KB
Vertical Playpen This worksheet will help the students learn to facilitate to a specific subject. Questions and stories should be focued around "appropriate risk taking". Vertical Play Pen.docx
File Size: 18 KB
Triangular Tension Traverse A description of the element. A guide to help in faciliation. Triangular Tension Traverse.docx
File Size: 18 KB
The Centipede A brief description of the element and how it should be 'set-up'. The Centipede.docx
File Size: 18 KB

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