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Ms. Jasie Sherwood
Special Education Teacher
Room: SHS_106
Phone: 928-348-7050 ext. 5106
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Unpublished at teacher's request

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  Best Buddies  
  Title   Description
Best Buddies Ballot Best Buddies Officer Election

  Help for Research Projects  
  Title   Description
Glossary of terms for oil spill in Gulf Some basic terms to help you understand research and discussion of 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil
U.S. oil drilling policy in the Gulf Synopsis of recent U.S. oil drilling policy in the
Economic impact of disaster on British Petroleum Discussion of how the disaster has affected
For the birds Video showing clean up efforts for Gulf coast birds affecting by oil
Local politician becomes the face of regional cleanup efforts "Things still need to be done to keep the oil out. ... At the end of this thing, I have to know I did everything possible to save the parish and the coast land," he said.
Official British Petroleum website British Petroleumís website with their response activities in words and
President Obamaís response to gulf spill Memorial Day weekend visit of President Obama to Gulf
Slide show of Gulf oil spill Slide show containing over 400 images, updated 6/1/

  Personal Interest  
  Title   Description
Andean Travel Website with hundreds of links to hotels, tour companies, etc. in the Andean countries of Ecuador, Peru, and
Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory Website for the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory, monitoring the volcanic activity at Kilauea and Mauna
Lonely Planet Travel Adventure travel website with excellent background information, up-to-date traveller's alerts, and a bulletin board to link up with fellow
VolcanoCam 24-hour digital video monitor of the Mt. Saint Helens Volcano in Washington

  Sites for Parents  
  Title   Description
Web MD This site has an abundance of health-related information on a variety of
I Count A political website--answer a variety of questions on social issues and gauge where you fall on the political
LD Online This site contains a number of online resources for parents of students who have specific learning
National Center for Stuttering A wealth of information for individuals who stutter and have other speech fluency

  Teaching tools  
  Title   Description
Free Spirit Press Publisher of curriculum materials for students with a variety of special needs and learning
Jamestown Education A company dedicated to providing reading materials for adolescents and adults needing to improve their reading
Teaching Abroad This site offers links to teaching opportunities around the country and around the
Workshop Way A system for reaching your true potential and creating a learning mindset within each

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