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Ms. Christie Rivera
CTE Teacher
Room: SHS_307
Phone: 928-348-7050 ext. 5307
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Unpublished at teacher's request Tue. & Thur. 1:30-3:30

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  Activites for children  
  Title   Description
actiivities ideas, ideas
crafts Many craft
fun activities more preschool
fun activities many
Jan Brett Activites Great websit to help with child
lessons for preschool lesson
more lesson plans more ideas for lesson
teaching ideas preschool lesson
teaching ideas lots of
things to do lots of

  Career Information  
  Title   Description
Occupational outlook handbook More career information for research papers. published by the US Dept of a good place to get information on careers in the health
Career Voyages A great place to find lots of information about career
career information More information for your research
career information More research
Career information This is a great site for career exploration. The user name for our school is saffordms and the password is
career information for kids career information for kids from the Dept of
Kuder System Use this for any career exploration
research info lots of careers
research site This site has a large amount of career research

  Title   Description
Arizona workplace standards These are the standards required by the state of
research info This site has many links to sites with loads of information in many different

  Early Childhood Education  
  Title   Description
Arizona Standards These are the current Arizona Standards for you to use when writing your activity

  ECE 2  
  Title   Description
Arizona Licensing Regulations Use for

  ECEi period presentation link  
  Title   Description
Link Pregnancy presentation period

  ECEi period2 presentation link  
  Title   Description
Link Pregnancy presentation period

  Title   Description
Pregnancy period 6 class

  Title   Description
activity for creating formulas complete this

  Title   Description
Practice keyboarding This is a good keyboarding tutorial. Easy to use and see.www.senselang

  Kinder Standards 1-3  
  Title   Description
Kinder Math

  money management  
  Title   Description
Banking on our future Another fun way to learn about
batter up learn about money marketing with a sports
consumer jungle Consumer Jungle is a new web-based program that helps turn students into savvy consumers without putting them to sleep. There's a camp for everyone. Students will discover a treasure trove of games, and teachers will find free classroom materials. There's even something for parents - a section filled with tips on how to help the young adults in their lives find their way safely through the real world. It's just a click away. Find your camp, and start
Escape from KNAB Interactive financial planning
fleet kids many different money
it all adds up Learn about credit and money management while playing
kids bank A really cute place to learn about money. good for young
lemonade stand own your own Fun game to learn about your
Practical money skills An entire unit on money. different grade levels and even lesson plans for special needs
young investor games and activities about

  personaltiy profiles/ career assessments  
  Title   Description
career quiz This is from the Princton
personality types Based on Myers

  Title   Description
readers theater Some fun SET
Was It Murder? King Tut has been fascinating students and adults alike since the discovery of his tomb in 1922. Why has so much interest been generated about this unremarkable pharaoh? Could it be the fabulous gold and treasure discovered in his tomb? Or is it the mystery surrounding the boy king's early death? You and your renowned team have been hired by the Egyptian government to determine if King Tut was murdered. Your team will have only 3 days to complete your

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