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Mr. Clay Cocke
Social Studies Teacher
Room: SHS_208
Phone: 928-348-7050 ext. 5208
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Unpublished at teacher's request 7am-7:29am.. 3:14-3:30pm.

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  Title   Description
Daily Geography Quiz A fun five question quiz to test your geographic knowledge. This quiz is updated every day. If you miss a day you can also take the previous days quiz afterwords.
Geography At Geography At
Geography Information Web Page Geography Information Web Website Many things here to
National Geographic A very interesting an usefull website for Geography.
The U.S. Geological Survey Official Web Site Great for any of you Geological
Weather The weather channel ebsite. This website has great maps and up to date weather conditions around the

  Title   Description
U.S. Government Class Syllabus (Also available under the information heading) Syllabus The following is a list of topics and concepts that will be covered by Safford High School U.S. Government classes.
Daily Political Cartoons This site offers editorial political cartoons from around the country and world's leading artists and
Findlaw: U.S. Constitution This site helps idenitify terms and concepts dealing with the
Landmark Supreme Court Cases This site identifies supreme court cases that have been paramount in establishing government and law in the United
Library of Congress The Library of Congress site is a great resource for all your government needs.
Online Voter Registration Your Vote Matters Simple online voter registration. No cost or hassels just click and fill out forms. Your Vote does
The U.S. Government official web portal. The U.S. Government official web
The White House The official White House web
U.S. Constitution Full written
George Bush's Web Page George Bush's Web Page
Republican Party Web site Republican Party Web
Democratic Party Web Page Democratic Party Web
John Kerry's Web Page John Kerry's Web

  Homework Help  
  Title   Description
Homework Help In Any Subject has homework help for just about any

  News Agencies Conservative  
  Title   Description
Fox News Fox
Laura Ingraham
Michael Reagan Michael Reagan the son of former president Ronald Reagan is a conservative talk radio
Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh is a conservative talk radio
World Net Daily World Net Daily is a popular conservative view

  News Agencies Liberal  
  Title   Description

  Subject Areas  
  Title   Description
Prentice Hall Prentice hall is the publisher for all of our textbooks. They have some usefull tools online to help you get the most out of their

  World History  
  Title   Description
This Day In History A link to the History Channel. Interesting things that happened on this date in history.
Egypt KV5 is a link the the Thebian mapping project. It contains 3d tours of the tombs on the Valley of the Kings. A very fun site but make sure you have a good computer with a fast

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