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Mr. Chris Murphy
English Teacher
Room: SHS_207
Phone: 928-348-7050 ext. 5207
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Unpublished at teacher's request 12:40-1:15 Daily or 1:00-3:00 Fridays

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  A Simple Twist of Fate  
  Title   Description
A Simple Twist of Fate - Movie Guide Synopsis Also try A Simple Twist of Fate (blocked at the school)

  Big In Japan  
  Title   Description
Big In Japan Visit Author Jennifer Griffith's website to learn more about Big In Japan, and other works and thoughts by the local
Multiculturalism Reader Response Click the link to view the reader response
Multiculturalism Research Assignment Click the link to view the Multiculturalism Research

  Title   Description
Chaucer Introductions Video of "Chaucer" character introductions from "A Knight's Tale"
Wife of Bath's Tale Full

  Course Description and Classroom Rules  
  Title   Description
Course Description and Rules Click

  Edgar Allen Poe  
  Title   Description
Poe Information Want to know more about Edgar Allen Poe and his stories? Try this site!

  Ender's Game  
  Title   Description
Orson Scott Card - Official Website Hatrack, the official website of Orson Scott Card, contains ample information relating to Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, and all other things

  Gothic Elements  
  Title   Description
Gothic Elements Powerpoint Click link for the Gothic Elements Powerpoint

  Lesson Plans  
  Title   Description
Lesson Plans English 11CP Click for access to Lesson Plans for English
Lesson Plans Film & TV I Click ffor access to Lesson Plans for Film & TV
Lesson Plans Film & TV II Click for access to Lesson Plans for Film & TV

  Title   Description
Purdue Online Writing Lab OWL Follow the link to the MLA section of the Purdue University Online Writing Lab or OWL.

  Peer Editing  
  Title   Description
Peer Editing Worksheet Click

  Title   Description
Easy Bib Easily create
EBSCOHOST @ SHS Username: saffordhs Password:
ERIC Use ERIC databases for resource finding. Go
Google Scholar Use Google Scholar to search thousands of academic journals and articles.
MLA Citation Style Chart Compare MLA, APA, & CMS styles. Use as a QUICK reference for

  Title   Description
Macbeth - FULL TEXT Macbeth - FULL
Shakespeare Re-Told Macbeth Shakespeare Re-Told Macbeth information at the BBC website. ENJOY!
Shakespeare Re-Told Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare Re-Told Taming of the Shrew information at the BBC website. ENJOY!
Shakespearean Elements - Comedy Click link for Shakespearean
Shakespearean Elements - Plot Click link for Shakespearean
Shakespearean Elements - Romances Click link for Shakespearean
Shakespearean Elements - Tragedy Click link for Shakespearean
Throne of Blood (Macbeth) Throne of Blood (Macbeth)information found

  Silas Marner  
  Title   Description
Silas Marner - Spark Notes Spark Notes is a great place to get relevant information about important

  Title   Description
Mr. Murphy - Symbaloo Page Click link to take you to my Symbaloo page. Find lesson plans, assignments, and other pertinent information and links!

  The Crucible  
  Title   Description
The Crucible - Spark Notes Spark Notes contains much information about Arthur Miller's The

  The Great Gatsby  
  Title   Description
The Great Gatsby - Explanations & etc... Click link for lots of stuff about The Great Gatsby!
The Great Gatsby - Full Text Click link for the full text of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott

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