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Mr. Chip Cheney (SHS)
Orchestra Teacher
Room: SHS_101
Phone: 928-348-7050 ext. 5101
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Unpublished at teacher's request

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  20th Century Listening  
  Title   Description
Rite of Spring Igor Stravinsky. Start listening at
The Firebird Igor
Variations, Op. 31 Arnold
Piano Concerto, Op. 42 Arnold
4' 33" John Cage. Start listening at
Sonata II for Prepared Piano John

  Article Review  
  Title   Description
Scales Do's and Don't of

  Baroque Listening  
  Title   Description
Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor J.S.
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring J.S.
Gloria Antonio
The Four Seasons, Concerto No. 1 in E Major, Op. 8 "Spring" Antonio
Hornpipe from the Water Music G.F.
Messiah, For unto us a child is born G.F.

  Classical Listening  
  Title   Description
Orfeo and Euridice Christoph Willabald Gluck, Start listening at
Alceste Christoph Willabald Gluck, Start listening at
Symphony No. 94, Surprise Symphony Franz Joseph
“Emperor’s Quartet,” No. 62 Franz Joseph
Haffner Symphony, No 35 Wolfgang Amadeus
Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Start listening at

  Title   Description
Viola A-1 Use this as a practice tool! Adjust the tempo and play
Viola A-2 Overture Preciosa, von
Viola A-3 Symphony No. 4,
Violin A-3 Harold in Italy, "Harold in the Mountains", 1st Movement, Hector
Violin Etude A-1 Symphony No. 35 "Haffner,"
Violin Etude A-2 Polevetsian Dances, Alexander
Cello A-1 Overture "Coriolan"
Cello A-2 Symphony No. 4 ("Italian") Felix

  Key Signatures  
  Title   Description
Violin Key Signatures To find the name of a key signature with sharps, look at the sharp farthest to the right. The key signature is the note a half step above that last
Viola Key Signatures To find the name of a key signature with flats, look at the second to last flat. This flat tells you the name of the key
Cello and Bass Key Signatures Exceptions to the rules: C Major=No sharps or flats, F Major=1

  Note Names  
  Title   Description
Violin Notes Treble Clef for Violin
Elementary Violin D and A String
Viola Notes Alto Clef for Viola
Cello and Bass Notes Bass Clef for Cello and Bass
Elementary Cello A and D String
Elementary Viola A and D String

  Romantic Listening  
  Title   Description
Symphonie Fantastique Hector
Roman Carnival Overture Hector
Eroica Symphony No. 3 in Eb Major Ludwig van
Symphony No. 9 in D minor Ludwig van Beethoven. Start listening at
La Traviata Giuseppe
Falstaff Guiseppe

  Scale Recordings  
  Title   Description
Scale and Arpeggio Recordings This link is great for violin, viola, cello, or bass. It includes the scale and then the arpeggio. Keep in mind that these recordings play the scale note twice throughout the 3
Violin Scales These recordings include a half note and then quarter note scale strictly on the

  Title   Description
Drones Use this drone to practice your
Online Tuner Once you have learned the basic's of tuning in class and understand how to use the fine tuners and pegs this is a great website for getting your tuning pitches. If you are not comfortable turning pegs--wait until class the next day, and I will help you. This will help us avoid breaking

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