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Mr. Mike Dorrell
Social Studies Teacher
Room: SHS_206
Phone: 928-348-7050 ext. 5206
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Unpublished at teacher's request By appointment please.

Welcome to Mr. Dorrell's web-page!!

Hello!! I'm Mike Dorrell, Social Studies teacher and golf coach at Safford High School. This year I'm teaching three sections of American History and three sections of U.S.Government/Economics. I'm located in room 206 and can be reached during office hours at ext. 5206.

American History
This one year course will examine this country from the colonization by our forefathers through the society of today's modern era. Along the way, students will investigate the important contributions of individuals that helped shape this nation. The impact of women and minorities in America will also be a major focus of this class. Students will develop an understanding of "How" or "Why" America evolved from thirteen independent colonies to superpower in which this nation is today.
Teacher's Personal Perspective
I believe that the purpose of history is to learn from our past and apply those "lessons" not only to the development of our country, but to our individual lives as well. In order to maximize our understanding of history, we must be able to put ourselves back in time, in someone's place and constantly ask ourselves, "What was it really like?" There is no event that exists alone, therefore, it is essential to consider the context of everything.

I believe it is important to maintain an open mind when learning about the past and other cultures. Be willing to question your own beliefs while you investigate another perspective. Above all, keep in mind that "Every person is their own historian." Form your own educated opinions.

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